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CarePassport is the industry’s first Universal Patient Engagement Platform designed to improve care and encourage patients to take a more active role in their care by allowing them to partner with their providers. The native App allows patients to securely access their medical data or family proxies’, schedule appointments, view medical images, lab and clinical reports from different providers with the ability to download, archive and share using the most advanced mobile computing technology

Healthcare facilities benefit from: engaged patients, streamlined scheduling, improved patient satisfaction, retention rate, compliance, and adherence to care plans Ease of deployment, low upfront cost, ability to integrate with medical billing, EMR and PACS systems, and compliance with meaningful use makes CarePassport the smart choice.

A Universal App For a Better Connected Health

CarePassport provides patients with a complete view of their medical data provided to them across multiple providers – hospitals, physician practices and from their wearables, and enables users to engage more proactively and meaningfully with their healthcare providers.


Stay informed

Request medical appointments, get notifications, complete registration forms and virtually check-in before arriving to your appointment.

Medical records vault

Aggregate, archive and view your medical images, lab results and clinical reports anywhere, anytime.

Manage appointments

View care providers’ contact information and facility images, sync with your device maps to drive to your appointment or arrange a ride via Uber.

Secure share

Share your medical data with your healthcare providers and in urgent/emergency situations when traveling or on vacation.

Add Vitals, track progress

Save your daily health metrics such as blood pressure, glucose, and oxygen saturation, connect with different wearable devices and collect data or input manually.


Connect with your care providers between visits via secure messaging .

For Patients

Patients benefit from a single app that supports them throughout their medical journey. Find clinics and hospitals nearby your location, request and manage appointments, view your care providers’ contact information and communicate with them via secure messaging. Patients can view their medical images and reports, and securely send health records to other healthcare providers.

CarePassport’s allows patients to receive educational materials related to their care, authorize family members to access their information through secure proxy settings, and enable patients to use navigation maps to drive to their appointments or arrange a ride via Uber

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Take Charge Of Your Medical Records

Secure and easy access
to all your medical data

View medical images
and reports from your
mobile device

Access lab results and
clinical reports

Connect and share
images securely with
other care providers

Schedule and
view visit details

Authorize family members
or others on the care team as
proxies to view your records

View physicians’ profiles
and accreditation’s

Sync and archive data
to cloud storage

Nearby Care

Smart search to find nearby clinics and hospitals on map

Get a medical appointment with a single tap even on short notice

For Healthcare

Improve Satisfaction, Outcomes And
Efficiency Through Patient Engagement



scheduling ,
iOS and Android calendars


with push


Complete forms
and e-sign


Check in

from the app


and insurance

Care Coordination

Share medical images and reports with caregivers


Communicate securely via messaging


summary and



Share clinical
reports, engaging
educational content


Medication and follow up
share educational material


surveys and
patient satisfaction

Dashboard And Data Analytics

Big Data Technologies That Drive Real-Time Analytics

Analyze patients’ data

Medication Alerts

Patient behavioral detection

Patient Mentoring

Patient risk categories

Population Health Management

Transforming Health
Through Patient Engagement

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