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5 Market-Changing Trends in the Healthcare Industry

Rapid advancements in healthcare technology are transforming healthcare. During 2016, we expect to see the continued emergence of these five trends.

  1. Wearable and mobile health technologies. Connected devices, services and applications used by a consumer outside of a clinical setting for medical, health or wellness purposes will be a huge part of the expansion of the wearable device market, including smart watches and fitness monitors such as wristbands, smart garments, chest straps and sports watches. These technologies provide data that helps the healthcare industry contain costs, produce better patient outcomes, monitor patient self-care and increase patient engagement.
  2. Empowered and engaged patients. Wearable and mobile tools, services and applications are making a tremendous impact on patient care by supplying consumers with the incentive be more proactive, gain control of their health choices, and monitor their own health and fitness. By empowering them to be more actively engaged in managing their own healthcare choices, wearable and mobile tools provide patients with greater satisfaction.
  3. Data, data and more data. Countless devices are flooding the healthcare enterprise with data that has the potential to improve patient outcomes, enhance clinic workflows and contain costs. Challenged to analyze, use and share this data, healthcare providers will need access to easy-to-use dashboards and other tools that streamline the analytics process.
  4. Cloud-based services. We’ll continue to see the uptake of cloud-based services by the healthcare industry. A whopping 80 percent of healthcare organizations use cloud services, primarily because of lower maintenance costs, speed of deployment and lack of internal resources to adequately manage IT programs.
  5. Data security. As interconnected, cloud-connected and mobile devices collect more patient data, privacy issues such as security breaches and HIPAA violations will continue to be top of mind. Healthcare facilities and physicians’ practices must choose secure applications, services and technologies that prevent data loss and theft.

CarePassport, a native mobile app for patient engagement, leverages and advances these trends. The cloud-based platform provides patients and healthcare providers with a complete view of patient medical data from multiple providers as well as wearable devices and mobile apps.

CarePassport allows patients, proxy caregivers and family members to:

  • Securely access and view medical records from different providers
  • Share medical images, lab and clinical reports among multiple providers
  • Download and archive their data
  • Find nearby clinics and schedule appointments
  • Complete clinical registration forms
  • Sync with device maps for directions and arrange rides via Uber
  • Pre check-in for appointments using a QR code, similar to checking in to a flight via a mobile boarding pass

CarePassport enables healthcare providers to:

  • Easily and securely integrate multiple types of patient data with medical billing, EMR and PACS
  • Simplify time-consuming patient processes such as scheduling, check-in, notifications and reminders
  • Streamline complex practice workflows
  • Analyze patient data using powerful analytical and dashboard tools
  • Attract patients and improve retention rate by increasing satisfaction

To find out how the CarePassport mobile app can help your practice leverage today’s market-changing healthcare trends, contact us today.