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CarePassport – Not only take control of your Medical Records- Take them with you!

We are currently laying the CarePassport foundation with your local hospitals and hospitals Worldwide. We are also laying the foundation on the provider side to link with your Family Physician, Orthopedic Surgeon, Oncologist etc… with said Hospitals.

What is CarePassport? CarePassport is the industry’s first Universal Patient Engagement Platform designed to improve care and encourage patients to take a more active role in their care by allowing them to partner with their providers. The native App allows patients to securely access their medical data or family proxies’, schedule appointments, view medical images, lab and clinical reports from different providers with the ability to download, archive and share using the most advanced mobile computing technology

How do Healthcare facilities benefit from CarePassport? Engaged patients, streamlined scheduling, improved patient satisfaction, retention rate, compliance, and adherence to care plans, ease of deployment, low upfront costs, ability to integrate with medical billing, EMR and PACS systems, and compliance with meaningful use makes CarePassport the smart choice.

What does this mean to you as the patient? Let’s break it down like this. You go to your Physician for whatever reason, they draw blood, take a few X-Rays or other Imaging Modality. You pee in the cup, they take your vitals and send you out front to schedule a follow up.

If your Provider has CarePassport, and you have the free CarePassport app ( App store and Play Store) your appointment will be electronically scheduled, you will receive push notifications when your lab results are in. Your CarePassport is updated with the Images that were taken. You have a direct link to discuss issues with you Provider or their nurse. All of this is updated by the time you open your car door.

Let’s fast forward a few months. You are on vacation at the beach, snow skiing or visiting abroad and the next thing you know you are in a situation where you need medical attention, either at a walk in clinic or you wake up in the hospital. As long as you have internet service, you have the ability to show the attending Physician your Medical History. This gives the Physician a better education of your past medical history, giving them the ability to treat your specific situation. Reducing wasted time in a medical emergency or diagnosing a sinus infection will get you on the road to recovery faster without unnecessary expense.

And once again your personal CarePassport is updated by the time you open the door to your car.

You take pride in controlling your finances, the house you invested in, the car you drive or your iPhone- the only thing you are not controlling is your medical information. Those days are gone because CarePassport now gives you the power to take control of your medical records. Take control of your health.

We will be more than happy to demonstrate the software to you. If your facility is interested in CarePassport we can let your medical facility demo the system for 60 days so that you can better grasp the idea, watch it streamline all aspects of your office first hand.

For more information speak to one of our solution specialists today at 1-888 430 0005

Ashley C. Williams