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Providers are beginning to see the big picture!

I took this image with my iPhone at an Orthopedic office in Tennessee. I see this image (or one similar) in the majority of Medical, Orthopedic, Neurosurgical, Pediatric as well at Heart, Lung and Vascular offices I call on. Providers and staff realize the NEED to have your images with you at the time of your appointment. Sure, they could waste their time as well as yours and needlessly spend your money to reimage you, but why should they have to? Why should you endure more Radiation? If you have your phone with you, you have ALL of your images and medical records with you. No more rescheduling. Hospitals as well as Private practices are beginning to realize that CarePassport is the answer. It is not your generic Patient Portal on the shelf next to all of the others.

Be sure to check out the new Apple and Android version just released to see all of the new features: too many to list here. This release is packed full of new technology!

CarePassport is the next generation Patient Portal that allows the patient to request an appointment through the CarePassport app on their Apple or Android smartphone. Care Passport allows the patient the ability to fill out the needed paperwork and prepay a copay 24 hours prior to your appointment, which INCREASES the percentage of patients keeping their scheduled appointments. Patients can also use the CarePassport app to check in when they arrive for appointment. Any procedures that occur during the office visit (blood work, x-rays, EKG, etc…) will automatically be uploaded to the patients CarePassport. Patients receive an estimate of their bill subject to insurance acceptance at the time of check out, as well as schedule their next office visit through CarePassport.

CarePassport has other integrated services that give the patient the ability to search for CarePassport supported offices, request Google maps for directions, and Uber transportation. There will also be a picture of the facility so the patient knows they have arrived at the correct address. CarePassport also gives the patient the ability to see the Providers Bio, Education, as well as any specialty medicine they practice. There is literally too much to mention in this article.

Feel free to contact us for a free demonstration

Ashley C. Williams