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The Convenience of Carrying a Medical Wallet

The Convenience of Carrying a Medical Wallet

As paper becomes less manageable, keeping track of your medical records can be challenging. In fact, two out of three patients would switch to a provider that offers easy access to their data. There are a variety of advantages to owning a medical wallet (like a free patient engagement app). With the convenience of history in your hand, here are a few ways it can make your life easier:

All in One Place

Keeping track of who you saw and where you went can get daunting. Especially if you ever experience an illness and have to see several doctors. With a patient engagement app, you can aggregate all of your records into one spot that is easily accessed from your phone. Additionally, it’s independent from the electronic medical record (EMR) system so it can be used across different facilities.

Secure Medical Records

People want instant access to data at the touch of a finger. Why should medical information be any different? CarePassport is encrypted with the same security as financial institutions, so storing and viewing your medical records are always 100% safe. Even x-rays can be viewed right from your phone using state-of-the-art DICOM viewing technology.

Superb Time Management

You’re right on schedule for an appointment with a new specialist, but there’s a line. As you sit down with a bunch of forms, you realize you forgot your records. Now, the appointment needs to be rescheduled and you’ve just wasted a ton of time. Patient-driven technology can help solve all of these pain points.

A patient engagement app will always give you access to your records, so you can effortlessly manage and share them between facilities. This is especially convenient when you are seeing specialists and managing a lot of documents. Additionally, there is no wait in line with CarePassport. If your facility is aligned with your app, all you have to do is scan your QR code and you’re signed in.

Sharing Facilitates Care

The ability to securely share medical data with caregivers is truly what brings our technology to the 21st century. It allows you to partner with providers and take an active role in your own care. You can freely share with your physicians, and any other people you choose.

Convenience in Your Pocket

Simplicity leads to convenience. No more printed pamphlets, carting around film x-rays, or making multiple calls to the office. The ease of a patient engagement app like CarePassport is that everything you need to do for your health is in one spot. It can sync to your fitness wearables to keep you on track and give you access to records and data like lab results, radiology images, clinical reports, allergies, medication, vitals and more…

Why Should I Try This?

We download applications every day, but rarely will one affect our life quite like a patient engagement app. Part of maintaining good healthcare is awareness. Understanding how we’re doing at all times. CarePassport puts the control of your health back in your hands. There’s a multitude of reasons to check it out:

  • CarePassport is offered for free to patients
  • Everything has gone digital. Even your doctor is waiting for you to catch up!
  • Enable you to get involved with your own treatment process. No one knows your health better than you
  • It allows you to make more informed and personalized medical decisions
  • You’ll receive better health outcomes from remaining engaged
  • It allows for ongoing healthcare and responds to your wearables
  • The list goes on…

There is no denying the medical process can cause anxiety. That may never go away but at least you can alleviate it. Apps like CarePassport open up a new world of health management that puts the reins in the hands where they belong: yours.

Your treatment process is a very personal thing. You should be allowed to manage, store, and share any records that pertain to your individual self. A free patient engagement app is going to get you there. And when it comes to organization, the priority should always be your health!