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CarePassport reaches new milestone of 2,000 FHIR-enabled facility connections

Trusted healthcare platform CarePassport has reached a new milestone by having connected to 2,000 facilities through FHIR protocol, enabling more patients than ever before to access and manage their medical data from multiple facilities. This patient-centric solution continues to grow with new users and facilities added daily, expanding their network and helping to provide even more comprehensive care to patients.

CarePassport showcased the latest version of its provider portal at HIMSS19 in Orlando, displaying an all new dashboard that enables healthcare providers to streamline communication with their patients and allows them to easily reach more patients outside of their facility walls, supporting them throughout their entire medical journey.

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At HIMSS 2019 – Orlando, CarePassport will showcase its latest patient engagement innovations that help you support patients throughout their medical journey.

Learn how to connect with your patients and empower them with tools to schedule appointments and communicate directly with their physicians. Increase your revenue by allowing patients to access, view, and share their medical data and cut the costs of burning CDs and DVDs. See an improvement in your retention rates and overall patient satisfaction with surveys and pre-appointment interaction.

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CarePassport announces Boston Hospital will use its digital health platform for clinical trials

CarePassport®, a Boston-based patient engagement solutions developer, announced that Massachusetts General Hospital, a founding hospital of Partners HealthCare, will begin using CarePassport’s digital health platform for patient monitoring and engagement in research studies.

With the revolution of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)-enabled applications, Massachusetts General Hospital – the largest hospital-based research program in the United States – selected CarePassport to enhance its research processes in clinical trials by enabling two-way communication with patients and collecting more structured health data throughout the patient’s medical journey.

CarePassport is a patient-centric platform designed to address the challenges of healthcare content management, from medical images to multimedia files, health exams and visit reports. The platform integration framework is a suite of solutions that providers can customize for specific use cases. The open-architecture modular design means the app can interface with third-party systems, breaking down data silos from different departments and across multiple facilities.

The app connects with wearable and home-based monitoring devices, helping to gather and transfer patients’ medical data including imaging, medications, vitals, etc. CarePassport also enables healthcare facilities to send surveys, educational material and discharge summaries to patients regularly to follow up during research studies or after medical visits.

CarePassport interfaces with a hospital’s electronic health records system (EHR) using the FHIR or HL7 standard for information exchange. FHIR is currently implemented at hundreds of healthcare systems in the United States, with widespread national and international usage expected in the coming few years.

“We are incredibly proud to be working with Massachusetts General Hospital and Partners HealthCare. This relationship will bring together a leading healthcare research program with a state-of-the-art patient engagement platform that will help caregivers aggregate and view data in real-time, identify at-risk patients and help make better healthcare decisions” said Dr. Mohamed Shoura, founder and CEO of CarePassport.

MGH will use the CarePassport platform to conduct a research study to identify individuals with undiagnosed atrial fibrillation, seeking to prevent strokes by enabling early treatments. Using the CarePassport platform, researchers can collect home-monitoring data from medical devices and automate the transfer of that information into the hospital’s EHR. The dataset and insights aim to enable Mass General to identify at-risk patients and automate targeted outreach.

“Our goal is to collect real-time information about a patient’s health with an eye toward detecting potential problems, intervening at the earliest possible moment and preventing serious events from happening,” said Dr. Jeff Ashburner, Principal Investigator of the study. “We are seeking better ways to leverage the technology that is literally right at hand to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients.”

Providing individuals with easy access to their health information is a key component of healthcare reform and the movement toward more patient-centered healthcare. The push for interoperability and empowering patients through new technology has never been stronger, and enabling better more comprehensive data collection during clinical trials and research studies is new ground for interoperability and FHIR implementation.

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At HIMSS 2018 – Las Vegas, CarePassport will be showcasing the innovative Population Health Management platform designed to help healthcare facilities to transform patients data into insights, identify and address care gaps within the patient population .

The all new Population Health Management module is optimized to showcase precise, revealing, graphical intelligence, pulls detailed analysis from multiple access points and patients interactions, all customized to your facility and managed through one simple login.

Schedule your appointment and discover how CarePassport can help you empower your mobile advantage and easily interact with your patients throughout their medical journey.

CarePassport announces cooperation with Du of Emirates to empower patients to have more control over their healthcare

CarePassport of Boston announces cooperation with du – Emirates a major telecommunication company in UAE and Middle East, the cooperation will enable patients to use CarePassport platform to store, access and share all their medical data from one log-in.

CarePassport platform uses advanced technologies to bridge the gap between patients and providers and addresses the communication challenges patients and healthcare providers face today,”

du has been pioneering innovative solutions in healthcare over the past year and the cooperation will help to propel communications technology across the medical sector in UAE and beyond.